98% SPC Pur Serum Concentrate (set 3 vials)


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Set of 3 vials x 4ml / 0.13 fl.oz. (each)

What is it?

98% Pur Snail Serum Concentrate is a powerful and highly concentrated formula containing 98% pure snail secretion extract harvested from French snails. Renewing serum that will boost your skin and enhance its natural glow. This highly concentrated serum contains 98% French snail mucin / filtrate, a nutrient-rich and powerful ingredient known to aid in dermal proliferation, hydration, and supporting dermal brightness, and tone.

Why is it so unique?

• Purest form of snail secretion extract

• One key ingredient formula to boost your skin and efficacy, i.e. The main and only cosmetic key ingredient in this formula is snail secretion extract

Formulated with:

Snail secretion extract:

Nutrient rich - Under correct and optimum environmental conditions Snail filtrate / mucus will have a unique composition that includes:

o Proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, glycoprotein enzymes, hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, and trace minerals such as zinc, iron, copper and manganese.
o Peptides such as mucin which help boost and protect the skin’s essential hydration.
o Potent antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD).

Skin benefits:

o Helps support the appearance of skin elasticity and restore the look of skin’s architecture, this unique action in conjunction with the natural exfoliants that are present in the snail filtrate help minimize the appearance of imperfections and effectively reduce the look of enlarged pores.
o Helps to support skin’s normal pH balance
o Supports the appearance of the skin’s matrix
o A good source of mucopolysaacharides and glycosaminoglycan’s
o Antioxidant. Contains SOD and helps fight free radicals that may form from environmental stressors that can contribute to visible aging.

Historical Value:

o Snail mucin / filtrate has been used for centuries as a skin treatment.
o Ancient Greeks used it and it is said that Hippocrates reportedly recommended the use of snails to hydrate and beautify the skin.
o And in Chile some 20 years ago, the potential of snail slime was noted by Chilean snail farmers who found the snail slime help their hands look younger and clearer, as the slime helps support the skin’s natural renewal process, when they handled snails for the French food market.


o Helps reduce the appearance of imperfections by supporting normal cell turnover while optimizing the look of skin elasticity.
o Visible Pore minimizer. Visibly reduces and refines the look of enlarged pores through its exfoliating peptides.
o Skin refiner. Gently exfoliates by targeting and eliminating dead skin cells; this in turn helps to refine skin texture, reduce dryness and helps reveal luminous, younger-looking skin.
o Skin toning. Promotes skin’s ability to retain moisture.
o Boost radiance - Improves visible luminosity and glow.
o Skin pH balance – helps with support a normal skin acid mantle promoting skin pH balance
o Support skin’s hydration and plump the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


As part of a booster treatment, use your 98% Pur Snail Serum Concentrate morning and night until finished.

When using the booster, you do not need to use SPC Snail Peptide Complex. Resume SPC Snail Peptide Complex when you have finished your 98% Pur Snail Serum Concentrate booster series.

If using 98% Pur Snail Serum Concentrate at night, do not use Retiniacin Night Renewing Complex in the same routine.

If using products with glycolic acid, do not use it at the same time as 98% Pur Snail Serum Concentrate. We recommend using 98% Pur Snail Serum Concentrate in the morning and the Glycolic Acid product at night.

Aqua/Water/Eau, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Hydroxyacetophenone, 1,2-Hexanediol.

Shake well before use.  Apply 2-3 drops directly onto cleansed skin and smoothing all over face and neck in the morning and evening. Allow a few moments to dry and then follow with your isomers skincare treatment serums and moisturizer.


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